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Our years of digital marketing expertise, visionary thought process, and tools will connect and engage your business with customers in your community.

Our Process


We what to hear your story from you, as you know it best. Our partnership will be based on shared knowledge, trust, and positive communication. These conversations are the foundation to a great digital presence.


After consultation, we will analyze your business's current digital presence, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is always interesting to see what we find to help us build a strategy.


We love putting all the pieces on the table and developing a great digital strategy. What are the goals? Which channels will we engage in? How will we get through barriers? Once we have the strategy set, it is time to execute.


Go time! Using our strategy as our guide, we will methodically execute our plan and drive to our goals. It is such a fun and exciting time for our clients. You will see more faces, better engagement and increased revenue.


The strategy is rarely perfect and analytics provide key insights and help us determine where adjustments are needed. We will look at impressions, click-throughs, engagement levels, and a whole host of other KPIs.


Refining the strategy is perpetual. Platforms, algorithms and users evolve and our strategy will need to be adjusted as shifts occur. It is important to utilize analytics, understand the data, and not be hasty with adjustments.



$340 per month
  • Content Creation
    Facebook & Twitter
  • Facebook & Twitter
    25-30 posts per platform
  • Email Campaigns
    Unlimited Self Service
    Send fees additional - Details
  • Reporting / Quarterly
  • Consultation / Quarterly


Call for pricing
  • Designed to suit your needs
  • Content Creation
    Custom i.e. Blogs, Web Pages, Social
  • Social Media Platforms
    Custom i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Email Campaigns
    Send fees additional - Details
  • Local Citations
  • Reporting
  • Consultations

About Us

Integrated Medium, founded in 2009 and located in Littleton, CO is dedicated to helping businesses thrive digitally. Integrating and delivering great digital products and services is parallel with building meaningful and positive relationships with our partners.

We are excited to blend our forward creative thinking with upcoming technological advances to ensure businesses not only have cutting-edge tools but have a well-rounded digital strategy.


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