3 Digital Trends to Hone in 2016

  • Wed Feb. 10, 2016

A new year tends to bring new trends, especially in the ever changing digital world. To stay relevant in a digital world, businesses need to stay on top of the trends. Here are three to adopt right now:

1. Mobile, mobile, mobile

The use of mobile devices vs. a desktop computer is already growing at an incredible rate. In 2015, Google declared that mobile searches beat out desktop searches. Whoa. This overtaking of desktop usage is expected to continue to grow rapidly in 2016. Here’s the deal: mobile isn’t going away, so the bottom line as a business owner is to make sure your digital presence is mobile savvy. Is your website easily accessible from a mobile device? Can people find your business from...


I Sold Mine Gets a New Look

  • Wed Feb. 03, 2016

I Sold Mine partnered with Integrated Medium and started 2016 off with a fresh new logo and website. Isoldmine.com went from drab to fab with a new state of the art content management system allowing them to create fresh content at the touch of a button. The real estate investment firm now has a full feature website bringing them light years ahead of their old website making it easy for them to fluctuate with the fast moving real estate market. Packed with valuable information for their clients, Isoldmine.com helps people needing to sell their homes quickly using non-traditional real estate techniques.

Learn more about I Sold Mine and check out their new website here.


New Website for Avanti Winery Launches

  • Wed Jan. 27, 2016

Our long time client, Avanti Winery located in Littleton has a new website! The new content management system allows them to have access to robust features like a live events calendar and a blog all on one platform. Updating their website has also brought them up to current web standards allowing them better search engine optimization results and higher traffic in just the few weeks it has been live. Take a look at the new site here.

Avanti Winery has been in business for 21 years and has become a staple to the community. Owner James Griffin attributes his success to his amazing customers. He pays it forward by participating in several fundraisers throughout the year to benefit organizations such as the...


Social Media and Your Biz: Myths Busted

  • Wed Jan. 20, 2016

We hear so much noise about social media, even when it comes to business. Social media channels have become not just a way to interact with our personal friends and family, but also business contacts. Even news channels use social media channels as a way to engage with their audiences.

With the prevalence of social media, there are a lot of untruths and misconceptions by small business owners. Here are some social media myths busted.

1. My target market doesn’t use social media. There is no benefit to my business.

That’s probably an unlikely statement given that there are over 2.206 billion active social media users in the world in August 2015. This is 30% of the globe and growing! (See more at...


I Don’t Need a Website for My Business. Or Do I?

  • Wed Dec. 23, 2015

The answer is “YES!” Big or small, your business needs a website. Here’s why:

Homework –

Consumers take to the internet to do their homework before making purchases. It is easier than ever before to research and become educated about products or services as part of the buying process. This means that a consumer’s first impression of your business happens long before a transaction
ever does. And let’s face it – first impressions really do matter in the business world.

Professionalism –

While doing all of this “Homework”, consumers are analyzing your business and its relevancy to them as an individual simply based on your online appearance. If you don’t have any online appearance,...